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Welcome to the movie Heart Sisters

Heart Sisters is a feministic project and a movie about womens shared experiences and thoughts about living in male dominated societies.

Our wish for the movie is that it will be used in educational situations to start to talk about and discuss these topics.

About Heart Sisters

Our aim was to produce a movie that would map the patriarchal opression, but also give the international feminist movement an opportunity to learn about different thoughts and experiences. And feel the international solidarity towards each other..

We have filmed in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We have talked to academics, activists and ordinary people. And soon we started to understand that these women, independently of their different backgrounds and experiences, had many thoughts and feelings and memories shared with each other.

Now we want this movie to be used in educational situations, for example in schools, womens organisations and workshops. So if you are involved in any educational context, please contact us for free screenings of the movie and help to develop your courses.

This movie is a democratic project.

Through the process of making this film we have always tried to include the interviewed women in the process. And the participants have always had the last say in every decision regarding their interview. This is an important stand for us as documentary filmmakers. When making a documentary movie, especially when the movie is depending on peoples personal stories, we believe that the filmmakers have a responsibility to be earnest to the truth. And because the fact that the truth is always subjective, we think that the owner of the story are the one to decide over it.

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The project now


We want to spread the movie for educational purposes. Do you work with teaching or in projects where topics such as gender equality and women's issues are discussed? Be welcome to contact us! We are distributing the movie Heart Sisters for free, and are also happy to help you develop a basis for discussion when screening the movie.


Currently the movie Heart Sisters are distributed in English only, but we are for the moment working to translate the film into more languages. Contact us if you are interested to volunteer to help with the translation of the movie into your language.

Film festivals

We plan to send the movie Heart Sisters to film festivals, and are looking forward to participate at the screenings to talk about the movie and the project.

Watch the movie

To watch the full movie, please contact us and we will send you the password needed to stream the movie.


We would love to hear from you. Also, if you are due to use the movie in education, we gladly help you with material and the planning of your course. Welcome to mail us directly.